Sunday, 8 July 2012

Window Pain

Today I was lying in my room, talking to my good friend Kaleigh. And I kept looking out my window, and noticed the beautiful glow the sun gave through the curtains. So I decided to try and shoot. It's been a while since I've gotten a post shoot buzz, any photographer knows the feeling. And after this, I got one :)

Check it out, It's a full story.

Window Pain.

 Josh Driscoll Photography © 2012

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunshine, Mud and Long Grass

Today, my friend Jess Chandler modelled for me. She brought along her friend April to help out, and we ventured into a few fields near my house in Pefferlaw.

We wanted "cute,summer,fun" photos, so we captured a few, but then turned into a muddy fasion shoot, It was so fun, and jess was willing to do anything, she even got naked, and rubbed mud all over her body.

Here are a few of my favourite shots, thanks again jess & april! <3

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chelsie V & Lauren W

This is my last shoot at Algonquin College, I photographed two beautiful first years. Made them do some weird posing, and some normal posing. But the images turned out beautiful :)

Here are a few of my favourite:



Serious Smile.

So I wanted to do a series of images, for the longest time.

I wanted to photograph people, no extra makeup, or clothing. Just them.

I sat my models down, and asked them to look as series as possible, then I did stupid things to make them laugh. I wanted to capture true laughter, true happiness.

So these are I few I got,

There are more to come!


My Work. Most of these images were in my final portfolio, some others were shoots I did on my own. Enjoy :)

Graduated. I am done. It is so surreal. To think that two years ago, I walked into Algonquin College, lost, confused and not knowing the difference between shutter speeds and apertures. Now, I'm walking out of Ottawa with TWO first place awards.

Our Annual photography exhibition was on Monday April 30th! 94 students, 2 years, 1 day. I was an MC, along with one of my best friends Kaleigh Middelkoop.  The exhibition was open from 12pm-9pm, the awards started at 7. I was confident in my work, but also kept an open mind that there are so many other talented photographs in my program. Somehow, I was standing on stage, listening to my professor read out MYname for the Mola Softlight award. I had just won a Mola Softlight and a plaque. I was so honoured and my day was made. Soon after, was the Steve McCurry Portrait award, judged by McCurry himself. I'm standing there listening to 3rd place, 2nd place, and the winner is " Josh Driscoll." My heart sank and my face went beat read. I had just won an award, from Steve McCurry. The man who was the choice of a previous assignment in class, and a poster I had hanging in my room. He chose my photo to be the winning photo, I have never been more proud of myself.

So now that I am done, and leaving Ottawa. I'm headed for bigger and better things. My plan is to move to Toronto in Fall. With few of my classmates, and we are going to work hard, harder then ever before. We are going to open a studio, and work together. We will be shooting, and designing and networking.
So stay tuned for what is yet to come in my life.

Winning Photo for the Steve McCurry Award

Winning Photo for the Mola Soft Light Award

My Beautiful Model Tracy Fledderus, check out her work!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Consumer Portrait

Hey Guys!

So for our finally portfolio we have to shoot a consumer portrait. Our only guidelines were to have a traditional lighting schematic! So I started brainstorming, and could not think of anything.

And then after a few hours, I thought of this:

I photographed my dear friend Jennie Woodley. I wanted to capture " The happiest day of your life ", but in a way that the model did not truly look happy. I shot all this in the studio, using an old door with a curtain over top. Placing a medium softbox behind to mimic the sun coming through. I achieved rembrant lighting by using a strip light on the right side, and fill card on the left.

I could not be more happy with this image.
A HUGE thank you goes out to Jenny!

PS. FIVE days left till portfolio is due.